Meet Kilter.

Climbing grips for professional route setters and homewall owners.



What Folks Are Saying...

RANKED #1 on the 2014 GRIP LIST. According to routesetters, this talented team... has created some of the finest new holds on the market. It’s a wonder no other shaper has made these shapes before. Powell’s genius is his ability to find a new way to look at an old subject. (full review here)
The “flange” shapes in this set (SM1), along with the couple of bigger flanges in the Large set are among my favorites from Kilter. Nothing like well thought out, comfortable holds with great detail carving.Hoping to see this and many of the other Kilter sets extended into larger sizes.
Everybody loves climbing on our wall here at Olmec thanks to the best hold on the planet Kilter Climbing Grips from Ian Powell.
The holds were amazing all of my setters loved them and I am going to do my best to order the whole set again soon for the new gym. So glad you are back in the game bro!
Nine times out of ten, when one of my people says a hold feels damn good, it is a Kilter Grip. Well done Ian!
We had one of the busiest nights of the season tonight and the customers had lots of positive feedback. If you missed the sale on the whole line you missed out!
Got our full line of Kilter Holds and were stoked to set with them over the weekend. Super comfy! Found the majority of shapes to be just positive enough to make them very functional on a broad range of wall angles. Great value when considering that the modest resin volume in much of the line yields holds ideally suited to both novice vertical routes and sessions on the 45*. Thanks Ian!!
Customers are really liking both colors [black and white], and the grips are amazing. Our setters are so psyched!
Super psyched to see you back at it Ian.
Ian, you are just killing it with Kilter holds. Great stuff.
Respect for those slot crimps.
We got the grips today. Couldn't be more psyched. Definitely keep me in the loop. I would love to know about any new shapes coming out.
I’m incredibly pleased with this set [Noah Medium 5]. They’re set on a 60deg wall and all work as friendly small crugs. Several have a 4finger crimp side along with a smaller, shallower crimp side that have been a joy to set hand matches on and toe hooks. The texture is better than any hold on our wall and is grippy even in 100deg Austin Tejas weather. Thank you kilter. I look forward to more orders in the future.
Kilter.... just saying! Been setting with these... amazing! Ian you are THE MAN!
As good as climbing holds get. Comfortable, beautiful and efficient use of material. These are on the border between mega-crimp and mini-jug. Perfectly suited for V5-V7 on a 60-degree overhang. These may feel a bit too incut for vertical climbing.
These (TM3) are pretty much my favorite technical set ever. The unique cut-off knobs focus the pull on your pads instead of your joints, and create comfortable hand positions that are different from any other holds on the market. Definitely recommend a few sets of these and other knob sets in the Teagan line!
I did a setting clinic at River Rock Climbing Gym in Roanoke VA a couple months ago. Great texture, solid material. Tons and tons of basic, functional shapes that are fantastic to set with.
I was a little skeptical with the Kilter but I really wish I had more now after setting with them a few times. I really like the no-thread threaders and the sandstone sets are beautiful. Can't wait to see the line expand!